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The Company was formed in October 1999 as a Subchapter C Florida corporation, pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended and the Florida Business Corporation Act. It was founded as a rapid diagnostic company focusing on immediate detection of diseases at the point of care. In 2000, the Company merged with Advance Diagnostics International of Washington (“Advance Diagnostics”), a company incorporated in the State of Washington, acquiring all of the common stock and intellectual property of Advance Diagnostics for 25% of the common stock of the Company. Subsequent to the merger, the Company was named Advanced Diagnostics International of Florida, Inc. On January 24, 2001, the Company changed its name to Noventis, Inc. On September 10, 2009, the Company changed to its current name, Reven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

In 2006, the Company began investigating a medical solution that was being used to treat patients in South Africa with various vascular complications and states of disease. The treatment seemed to work better than any other treatment interventions that were tried prior. Since then, the company has developed a cardiovascular application which it is in the process of preparing clinical trials for and eventually commercializing for general treatment of patients on a global basis. There have been over 2,000 patients treated throughout the past 10 years under various legal registrations and exemptions in South Africa and Australia. In most cases, the patients were treated with the solution as a final option to try before facing amputations. In 2007, the Company was able, through research and other design experiments, to develop its medical solutions to be more stable than previous solutions and they were also able to be manufactured and reproduced with exact chemical composition tolerances.

The Company filed its first patent in 2008 in the USA. The reference may be found online via the web by clicking on this link: Reven Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Patent Application.

Today, Reven develops and manufactures proprietary products for the treatment of cardiovascular disease and related vascular disorders due to PAD, Diabetes, and other circulatory disorders. The main product Rejuveinix is designed to treat vascular disorders through intravenous drip and direct injection. Our proprietary intravascular solutions are used to improve health and quality of life for those suffering from a number of vascular diseases. In the last 10 years more than 2,000 patients in other countries suffering acute vascular disorders and facing amputation had their circulation dramatically improved, eliminating further use of stents and invasive surgeries.

Reven, upon funding, is prepared to manufacture in the USA and pursue a fast track with the FDA in order to treat acute care patients in the USA. The Company has filed a pre IND meeting request with the FDA and presently the Company is in the process of compiling the data necessary to support the submission of an IND to the FDA, including the commissioning of animal trials to evaluate the toxicity profile of the Rejuveinix product, and upon the submission and acceptance of the IND by the FDA, gaining access to critical care patients in the USA to conduct controlled human trials.

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Reven has developed proprietary intravascular solutions used to improve the health and lives of people suffering from endovascular disease.
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